Chris Stahl 'Never ever' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)03:07

Chris Stahl 'Never ever' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)

"Never ever"


Never ever is the eleventh song I wrote on YouTube.


Verse 1:

I will let you be deep,
you think that I win.
Just like I saw you see,
it will be a sin.


I never ever lie, I never ever fool,
With my own permit, I may sound the rule.

Verse 2:

The first cut is new,
of all the dash I take.
Just like I doubt to you,
my life is at stake.

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 3:

Figure that out of this,
it will be my side.
Just like the trouble is this,
I should've lied.

(Chorus Repeat)

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