Chris Stahl 'Insanity' (Music video) (edited & reuploaded)

Chris Stahl 'Insanity' (Music video) (edited & reuploaded)


Insanity is the song that Stahlmaster2000 wrote since last year.


Verse 1:

One day I look into the sky, I was flying.
I want to know about the things that went trying.
If you should know about the time in our own ways,
I would have hope about the call for all my days.


Insanity keeps going on, it was a sin.
Insanity keeps coming on, the state I'm in.

Verse 2:

I always think that it's the way that I can see.
You should have known about the time that used to be.
If you will stop that can be stopped in all my own,
You're making up since it was time to make it flow.

(Chorus Repeat)


There is something out there. I can't stand to bear. It was my chance.
If you should see the bottom of me, I will have my glance.
(Verse 1 Repeat)
(Chorus Repeat)
(Bridge Repeat)
(Verse 2 Repeat)
(Chorus Repeat x2)