Chris Stahl 'Citizen' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)03:53

Chris Stahl 'Citizen' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)



Citizen is the first song I wrote on YouTube.


Verse 1:

Times may change if I hear the call.
I don't know what we have done.
We are smart, maybe small and tall.
After this, there is no one.


We are all the citizen.
You may think that we're special.
Of all the things that we should know,
Let us all be usual.

Verse 2:

We almost see that the path maybe go on.
Maybe it could be a lot more.
In the land of time, everything is gone.
Let us know about the score.

(Chorus Repeat)


It seems that I'm on a roll.
Right now I will keep it in mind.
My mind has changed to me like so.
It's the path that you can find.

(Chorus Repeat x2)

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