Chris Stahl 'Blind' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)02:52

Chris Stahl 'Blind' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)



Blind is the third song I wrote on YouTube.


Verse 1:

Lying in the park, on a beautiful day.
I'm thinking, in a brand new way.


I've searched and I've searched...
But I couldn't find.
Baby, listen to me when I say,
it takes to keep you blind.

Verse 2:

So don't go higher for desire.
So don't fly higher for your fire.

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 3:

I swore I would be true...
and, honey, so did you.

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 4:

In three more days, I'll leave this town.
A year from now, maybe settle down.

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 5:

Gonna let it all hang out...
Yeah, I wanna scream and shout.

(Chorus Repeat)

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