Chris Stahl 'Advise my advice' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)03:30

Chris Stahl 'Advise my advice' (song written and sung by Chris Stahl)

"Advise my advice"


Advise my advice is the fourth song I wrote on YouTube.



I will be the only thing that I see that I have luck.
They should know that it will be easy for a tuck.

Verse 1:

Advise my advice, I don't know about the price.
I am so unforgettable.


I am missing, you will listen.
So advise my advice.

Verse 2:

Advise my advice, everybody lies.
I am really powerful.

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 3:

Advise my advice, I only have loads of tries.
I am really magical.

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 4:

Advise my advice, I can see with my own eyes.
I am really so useful.

(Chorus Repeat x3)


So advise my advice. X4

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